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We never should’ve been charged

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James and Jennifer Crumbley are seeking intervention from the Michigan Court of Appeals, arguing they never should have been charged in a school shooting that was carried out by their son.

In a filing late Monday with the appeals court, defense attorneys for the Crumbleys argue that the parents cannot be held accountable for the actions of their son, that there are no legal grounds to charge them, and that they had no idea he would commit such an act.

“(Ethan Crumbley’s) criminal conduct was the sole cause of harm to the victims,” defense lawyers argue in the filing, maintaining the prosecution is trying to make an example out of the Crumbleys when the law doesn’t support it.

“Certainly, if the prosecution could directly link Mr. or Mrs. Crumbley to the mass shooting, they would be prosecuted for first-degree murder as if they had directly committed the offense,” the defense writes. “However, because the prosecution cannot support such a claim, they are left attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole.”

That’s because what the prosecution is really trying to do is reform gun laws and make an example out of the Crumbleys, the defense maintains, alleging their clients are wrongfully being prosecuted for an issue that belongs in the Legislature.

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