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Volga offering $1,000 reward for information in lug nut case

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VOLGA, S.D. (Dakota News Now) -The city of Volga is offering a 1,000-dollar reward to anyone who has information that leads to an arrest on incidents involving the loosening of lug nuts on vehicles.

Many believe it is part of a TikTok challenge trend to loosen people’s lug nuts on their cars.

However, the detective on the case, Sgt. Kevin Murfield with the Brookings County Sheriff’s Office says the prank could have some serious consequences.

“This is not a laughing matter; this isn’t a game. This isn’t some TikTok thing that’s funny. This is something serious and life threatening that can really harm people and the community,” said Sgt. Kevin Murfield, Brookings County Sheriff’s Office.

He says a serious accident could occur.

“Someone traveling down the road at 65 mph even 55 mph and your tire comes off. You’re bound to have something happen. Whether that be going into oncoming traffic or off into a ditch,” said Murfield.

People in the community say they are concerned now that this has happened to more than a dozen vehicles in the area.

“I’ve got kids which up the ante for me caring more and more about things. But in general, I care about law and order, and I hope Brookings Sheriff’s Office and the city do catch these guys,” said Cody Butler, Volga resident.

Owner of The Lucky Dog Bar and Grill in Volga, Sheri Forrette says she is concerned for her employees driving home at night.

“It’s crazy scary, I have ten employees total and a couple college kids and to tell my employees that they have to check their lug nuts before they leave work to go home is sad,” said Sheri Forrette, owner of the Lucky Dog Bar and Grill in Volga.

The sheriff’s office says they will be searching for the suspect with increased patrol and surveillance.

“They’re going to be held accountable for that, they can be charged for manslaughter, they can be charged for a variety of charges,” said Murfield.

“This is not funny, it’s not a game, somebody could get killed,” said Forrette.

The Brookings County sheriff’s office advises people to look over their vehicles before driving. And they caution people to report anything suspicious on their vehicle.

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