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Situations Handled by Car Accident Lawyers in Boca Raton

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The most common car accident case is when two standard drivers are involved in some kind of collision.

Boca Raton, FL – There are many kinds of motor vehicle accidents every day in the United States. Car accident lawyers have a special focus on helping people in these situations, and their goal is to get the clients the money they need for medical bills, time away from work, and other related costs. It is best for anyone who was recently involved in a crash to speak with a local lawyer for advice that is relevant to their particular accident. 

Standard motor vehicle accidents

The most common car accident case is when two standard drivers are involved in some kind of collision. Many of these collisions only result in vehicle damage, while some can potentially cause serious or life changing injuries. A lawyer can investigate the situation and determine who is at fault. They can file a civil lawsuit for compensation against the party responsible, and then represent their client’s interests during settlement negotiations. It is crucial that the lawyer or firm is skilled in negotiating, as the settlement needs to be large enough to cover all of the victim’s current and foreseeable expenses. 

Ride sharing accidents

Many people now use ride sharing services or taxis to get to their destination if they cannot drive for any reason. While these services are convenient, it is possible that a driver can be involved in any accident where their passengers are injured. In these situations, the driver or their employer may be liable, and it is possible that they can be sued just as any other negligent driver. The major ride sharing companies also have large policies that protect passengers who were actively being transported to a destination by their drivers. 

Pedestrian accidents

People Walking on Pedestrian Lane in Front of Vehicles; image by gdtography, via Pexels.com.

There are many people on foot crossing various roads in Florida or they may be near the roadside. It is fairly common for a negligent driver to strike a pedestrian because they were distracted or speeding. The victim can bring a lawsuit against the driver just as if they were another driver hit by the person. Pedestrians who were harmed should seek medical treatment and contact the police after the crash. The driver may be sued at a later time for their actions. 

Car accident attorneys are available in Florida

The Law Offices of Bernstein Polsky is an experienced accident firm that works with injured clients in the Boca Raton area. They can provide advice about bringing a lawsuit for compensation against any negligent driver. 

USAttorneys.com is a service that helps people who are trying to find a lawyer in their area. Individuals who are looking for an attorney in any city can call 800-672-3103 to get a referral.

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