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Hip Pain After Car Accident? Here’s What to Do | The Brown Firm

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Contact a Personal Injury Attorney 

Whether you’re dealing with hip pain or any other kind of post-accident injury, contacting a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation as soon as possible after your accident can go a long way toward maximizing any settlement or trial verdict you might be entitled to. 

Here are some concrete ways that an attorney can help you. 

Ensure You Get the Expert Medical Care You Need For Your Hip Injury 

A good attorney isn’t only interested in getting you a big financial payout. They want to help you recover physically and emotionally, and rebuild your life as best you can. As a former medical practitioner himself, our founding attorney (and licensed chiropractor) Harry Brown takes this part very seriously. 

We can help connect you with the right specialists in Atlanta, Savannah, or wherever you live and ensure you get the support you need to keep those important appointments. 

Thoroughly Investigate Your Personal Injury Claim 

As we mentioned above, insurance companies are in the business of limiting or denying claims, not paying them out. That’s how they make their money. 

If you want to get a fair settlement, simply proving that your hip pain is directly related to the accident is only one part of the equation. You’ll also have to prove that the other driver (or any other potentially liable parties, such as a trucking company) were responsible. That takes careful presentation of detailed evidence—something you probably aren’t eager to do yourself, particularly if you’re still suffering from hip pain and have no experience with the legal system. 

An experienced car accident attorney knows how to investigate a case. Depending on your circumstances, that might include gathering information at the scene, following up with eyewitnesses, securing any dash cam footage that might be available, and even speaking with expert witnesses in the medical, traffic, or accident reconstruction fields. 

Especially in those cases where the other driver is being less than fully truthful, hiring an expert who knows how and where to look for clues, and establish a winning case, is invaluable. 

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Handle Negotiations on Your Behalf 

It’s unfortunate, but many accident victims end up costing themselves a big chunk of cash simply due to inexperience or preventable mistakes. A few common examples of what can happen. 

  • You agree to give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster, offer unrequested information, or unintentionally provide answers that could be interpreted as contradictory. The insurance company then twists these words to sabotage your claim. 
  • You make mistakes when filing, miss key deadlines, or commit other preventable errors that could result in your claim being completely thrown out. 
  • You don’t know how to calculate a full, fair settlement amount for your hip injury, so you end up settling for far less than you truly deserve. 

By handing off your case to an attorney, you not only get the peace of mind from knowing that your legal case is in good hands, but you can also refocus on what really matters: getting yourself back to full health. 

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