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Rhye’s Michael Milosh Files Countersuit Against Ex-Wife

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Rhye’s Michael Milosh files countersuit over ‘frivolous lawsuit’ sexual assault charges.

Michael Milosh of R&B’s Rhye is suing his ex-wife’s attorneys for malicious prosecution following a “frivolous” lawsuit regarding allegations of sexual assault. His suit comes three months after actress Alexa Nikolas, the singer’s ex-wife, dropped her initial suit against him.

Nikolas filed her suit against her ex-husband last year but dropped the case without prejudice in May, which enables her to file it again later. Milosh’s new suit, filed on August 30, disputes many of the allegations in Nikolas’ initial suit. The filing refers to many sexual acts referenced in Nikolas’ suit as “consensual sex acts” between “married adults.” Milosh’s suit alleges Nikolas’ case was dropped after entering discovery when no evidence was found. 

“The allegations were, and still are, complete nonsense,” Milosh’s suit reads. “Defendants knew about the Judgment and its preclusive effects. But that did not stop Defendants from filing the lawsuit, hiding the judgment from the Court, dragging Mr. Milosh’s name through the mud, and dismissing the lawsuit only after realizing that Mr. Milosh was not going to give in to their extortion.”

Nikolas’ original suit claimed that Milosh did not receive consent to use nude photos of her for an album cover. She also alleged in her suit that he recorded audio of her moaning during sex to include in a song. Milosh counters that the images were “in no way pornographic,” and that the audio was “recorded voluntarily” by Nikolas herself, who “suggested doing so as an artistic endeavor.”

After Nikolas dropped her suit in May, she spent several months protesting sexual abuse in the music business with her advocacy group Eat Predators — including Red Light Management, which represents Milosh. Nikolas told Rolling Stone that she plans to re-file her lawsuit soon.

Milosh’s suit asks for more than $10 million in damages, suing the law firms Greenberg Gross and Gibbs Law, and the individual attorneys from those firms who represented Nikolas. Alan Greenberg, a managing partner of Greenberg Gross, told Rolling Stone that Milosh’s case “is completely baseless and will be thrown out of court in short order.”

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