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5 Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

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Many factors can cause bicycle accidents on public roadways. Whether you ride your bike for fitness or daily commute, there’s a chance of getting into an accident. Drivers frequently put cyclists in dangerous circumstances, from riding on their back wheels to passing with little space to spare. Accidents can lead to severe injuries in certain cases where drivers aren’t paying attention to cyclists on the road.

A crucial step in the healing process for hurt cyclists is to pursue financial compensation. Traumatic injuries from bicycle accidents can result in chronic pain, restricted mobility, and other financial losses. But before you can request compensation, you must identify what caused the accident. Orlando personal injury attorney, Michael T. Gibson, tells us that hiring a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible to launch an inquiry is important for seeking the maximum amount of financial compensation. Visit his website to learn more about your next steps after a bicycle accident caused by another’s negligence.

Common Causes of Accidents:

To successfully make a claim, you must affirmatively show that the driver is accountable for your damages since being hit does not always imply that they were at fault. We have curated a list of common causes of bicycle accidents that you should beware of to ensure your safety.

Distracted Driving:

All kinds of vehicle collisions, including those involving bicycles, have distracted driving as a primary contributing factor. Drivers are more likely to cause dangerous collisions when concentrating on their phones rather than their surroundings. Reading and responding to text messages, making phone calls, conversing on the phone, and using social media are all common distractions.


Speeding reduces drivers’ time to make judgments while driving and lengthens the time it takes to stop. For instance, a car driving in a residential area at a relatively low speed can be quite dangerous for cyclists, even though high-speed collisions are more likely to cause severe injuries.

Lane Changes:

An incorrect lane shift can be quite dangerous, even when a driver is not weaving. Drivers that make unsafe lane changes into cyclists’ lanes often do so without first checking to see if the lane is clear, which frequently results in bicycle accidents.

Breaking Traffic Rules:

Drivers that weave frequently veer onto bike lanes and lanes outside of traffic. Running stop signs and red lights is another frequent cause of intersection collisions. This holds not only in city centers and other metropolitan regions but also in communities and suburban areas. Running a stop sign or signal is risky in and of itself, but the dangers are increased when motorists neglect to look out for bicycles that have the right of way.

Driver Fatigue:

Studies have revealed that the risks of driving while exhausted are comparable to drunk driving in terms of their seriousness. The likelihood of catastrophic crashes caused by drivers driving early, late, or attempting to return home after a long day at work can considerably increase.

Driving Under Influence:

Drivers who consume alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel endanger themselves and other road users. Driving while intoxicated results in excessive collisions involving cyclists since it severely impairs drivers’ judgment and capacity to avoid accidents.

Right To Compensation:

Your actions immediately following the accident could significantly impact the compensation for your damages. You might have a strong case if you were hurt in a bicycle accident. Therefore, it is imperative you consult a lawyer, preferably one who specializes in instances involving bicycle accidents. An experienced lawyer would determine whether you have been offered a fair settlement in compensation. In cases of death, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses, including lost income, pain and suffering, rehabilitation fees, and medical expenses. 

Final Thoughts:

The bicycle accident victim has the right to speak with legal counsel and maybe pursue legal action. A personal injury lawsuit can be filed if the cyclist was struck by a car, truck, or van and the accident was not their fault. In certain cases, it is also possible to file a claim against the bicycle manufacturer for faulty components, the municipality or a building contractor under charges of unsafe construction.

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