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The Mystery Of ‘The Blue Diamond’ Does Not Disappoint – The Island Eye News

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By Marci Shore for The Island Eye News

Sullivans Island’s most prolific resident novelist, Dr. Leonard Goldberg, completed the sixth book in his “Daughter of Sherlock Holmes” series – entitled “The Blue Diamond,” released by Minotaur Books on June 14. The series features Joanna Blalock, the illegitimate daughter of Sherlock Holmes, who happened to inherit his sleuthing skills, and managed to snag Dr. Watson’s son, John, as her husband and partner in solving crimes. Scotland Yard calls upon Joanna and the Watsons to help solve the mystery of the disappearance of the 3,000 carat, rare blue diamond, that was stolen from a visiting South African dignitary’s hotel room, that was seemingly guarded and impenetrable, while he was in England. Joanna deduces that the thief is an expert mountain climber who scaled the outside of the hotel to gain entrance into the hotel, with a little help from an insider as well. The mystery is just beginning after they solve that portion, as they learn there are important documents about English military maneuvers that could have devastating results if they got into the hands of the Germans. Much more at stake than the brilliant blue diamond, the game is afoot to find the thief or thieves and save England from incurring potentially thousands of casualties and potentially losing World War I. Sherlock Holmes’ aficionados will love the steely, calculating, Turkish cigarette smoking, Joanna, who carefully pieces together the clues from not only what is there in front of her to see, but more importantly, the not so obvious clues that always seem to evade the investigative minds of the Scotland Yard. The story is narrated by Joanna’s husband, Watson Jr. 

Before he began his Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series, Dr. Goldberg was already a USA Today Best Selling author for his medical thrillers. A retired physician and highly sought after expert witness in medical malpractice cases, Dr. Goldberg was part of the UCLA team of researchers who first discovered the ‘O’ blood type, which made that individual a universal blood donor. 

Several years ago, Dr. Goldberg retired from his medical practice and returned home to Charleston and to Sullivans Island, where he had spent many carefree days as a boy with his family.

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