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Suing the Icelandic government for 120 million ISK in two different cases

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Hrafn Jökulsson is suing the Icelandic government on two fronts.
mbl.is/Ómar Óskarsson

The writer Hrafn Jökulsson has filed two cases for the District Court of Reykjavík against a few ministers as representatives of the Icelandic government. In total, he is demanding just over 120 million ISK. Jökulsson was diagnosed recently with stage 4 cancer.

Jökulsson was diagnosed with cancer in July but he thinks that he is a victim of medical malpractice because the cancer could have been detected earlier.

In the lawsuit, which is aimed at the Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Jökulsson reveals that he had been hospitalized last March this year in Landsspítali because of an ongoing soreness in his throat.The doctor who handled his case had his bloodworks done and checked his neck, but to no avail and nothing was done further.

Last June Jökulsson went to a local Health Clinic where a doctor realized the graveness of his condition. Jökulsson thinks that the doctor who examined him in March is guilty of malpractice. If the tumor had been detected earlier it could have been removed immediately and thus greatly improving his life expectancy.

He says that the damage could be similar to a 100% disability and he will be unable to work for the rest of his life. He is suing for 58 million ISK.

Arrested and hospitalized without a proper diagnosis

The latter case is aimed at the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs and centers around Jökulsson being arrested at Brú in Hrútafjörður.

He was arrested by the Special Police Squad and the police of North East 31


of October 2020.

In the casefile is says that two special unit police officers “patted him down in an inconsiderate and aggressive way…This was painful to him and demeaning.”

He also criticizes the doctor in Hvammstangi who had told the police that Jökulsson was in a manic state, without ever seeing him or talking to him at all. As as result of the diagnosis Jökulsson was forcefully locked up in a closed ward in Landspítali for three days and nights.

Jökulsson demands 65 million ISK as damages and encourages the Minister of Health, Willum Þór Þórsson, Bjarni Benediktsson Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs and Jón Gunnarsson, Minister of Justice to meet him in court next 8


of September when the case will be registered in the District Court of Reykjavík.

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