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Main Ethical Dilemmas Faced By Doctors

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  • In most cases, doctors have two or more possible solutions to a clinical problem and should always choose the most appropriate option.
  • It is essential to pay attention to all the details and listen to patients in order to make a decision.
  • From medical negligence to professional irresponsibility, these are some of the ethical dilemmas that doctors face throughout their academic and professional careers.

All health professionals should acquire a lot of knowledge. Most are related to diseases and conditions that must be treated in patients. But there is another fundamental aspect that is often overlooked in schools. it’s about Ethical dilemmas caused by their involvement in the medical environment.

At this point, Irene Durante Montiel, Secretary General of the UNAM School of Medicine, said that Doctors are faced with situations in which they have to make decisions and references, which become a dilemma due to their complexity. Most of the time there are two or more possibilities to solve a problem. clinical problem or a moral conflict. Therefore, it is necessary to include logic in this matter in future professionals.

He states that between the ages of 20 and 30, the individual develops problem-solving strategies that promote change in their individual and are useful in focus and attention. Resolving moral ethical conflicts.

main factor that stimulates Formal moral development is educationEspecially when this process leads the individual to face the disagreement from the universal point of view.

In the auditorium, Dr. Raul Fournier Vilada said that the degree of development and training in this context is directly proportional to the number of years of formal education, especially at higher levels.

“The effectiveness of training in ethics is achieved when the intention is directed to the identification, attention and resolution of moral conflicts through activities that lead to processes of reflection and reasoning”, Mario Cruz Montoya, academic The head of the section assured. Coordination of basic sciences of the Faculty of Medicine.

ethical dilemmas in medicine

between the main Ethical dilemmas of doctors offenses of patient autonomy are found; inexperience, rudeness or lack of sensitivity; problems related to the right to information; medical malpractice; Professional irresponsibility and medical error.

The expert defined virtuous reasoning as the capacity for thought or intellectual process that we use to organize and structure ideas. This is what allows one to arrive at a conclusion medical ethics.

He recalled that decision-making in medicine reflects the legal and ethical responsibility of the professional. He also recognized that when caring for a patient, the risks should be assessed and the problem addressed: “We must learn to listen to the patient, be tolerant, and assess whether a medical solution can save the patient’s life.” Improves quality.”

steps to follow

In addressing a particular issue, the clinician should first describe the challenge, incorporate the medical approach, and base the determination accordingly. To identify options, he recommends observing, finding out more, before deciding on an intervention and seeking treatment.

According to Durante Montiel, it is necessary to weigh the results (whether it improves the patient’s quality of life and health, or produces unwanted adverse effects). Also establish the impact of solution options (if it addresses the need of the patient and their family, if it is consistent with professional ethics and if it complies with the applicable institutional or legal regulatory framework).

Commenting on the conference, Barhona Echeveria stressed the importance of understanding that Morality is not to find the guilty, but to find the solution.

“I think it is very important that medical students understand that there are certain principles of a doctor that they must follow: do no harm and be able to provide solutions based on medicine and ethics, as both components are essential.”

it is popular Teaching reasoning in the matter so that health professionals know how to make informed decisions.

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