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“Stormy Daniels got a better deal”: Charlie Sheen Settles For $120K With Woman He Knowingly Gave HIV By Unprotected Sex

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Charlie Sheen has courted a host of controversies over the years. The Two and a Half Men star managed to get himself thrown out of the series because of a misdemeanor on his part. His alleged actions of sexual violence have also caused no small scandals. But one of his controversies stands head and shoulders above the rest. Charlie Sheen exposed an ex-girlfriend to HIV. And he has now finally settled the case.

Charlie Sheen engaged in unprotected s*x with a former girlfriend

Charlie Sheen

A complaint had been filed against Charlie Sheen by a woman named Jane Doe in 2017. The legal documents gave details about how the two met in 2015. It was soon after the two met that they started engaging in a sexual relationship.

It is alleged that he used a condom at first. That was how it all started. But over time, the two began to throw caution out of the window and began to have unprotected s*x.

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Lied to her about not having HIV

Actor Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen lied to her about not having HIV

The woman, who was referred to in the documents as a ‘Russian Emigre’, had also alleged that Sheen hadn’t disclosed his medical condition to her. He was aware of his problem since 2011. But he still chose to lie about it when he was confronted.

When Sheen declared to her that he had a sexually transmitted disease, all he gave her was a shitty explanation and pills that would protect her from contracting the virus. But that was not enough. She even went to a clinic seeking medical help. But none proved helpful enough. She later filed a suit against him.

Sheen has now decided to settle with the woman for $120K, set to be paid in $10K yearly installments. Netizens couldn’t help but react to how unsatisfactory a compensation this is in face of what grave a crime Sheen committed.

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Jane Doe was not his only victim

Charlie Sheen allegedly exposed 25 women to HIV

This is not the first time that a case has been filed against Charlie Sheen for transmitting HIV to one of his partners.

In November 2015, Sheen revealed on the Today show to Matt Lauer that he had HIV. That was the first time he disclosed that he had HIV to the world.

And his partners began to hound him following that starting with his ex-fiancee, Scottine Ross, in December 2015. But the lawsuit also included committing assault and battery against her during the course of their relationship.

But she wasn’t the only one. Apparently, over two dozen women contracted HIV because of Sheen.

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